Our Mission

  • To explore the market potential for a huge number of unemployed Bangladeshi youth.
  • To find better job opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled, trained and professional Bangladeshi manpower.
  • Supply of competent and disciplined youth as per the company demand.
  • To provide the best possible Bangladeshi manpower to the manpower sourcing countries.
  • To enhance the manpower industry for better opportunities for Bangladeshi workers.
  • Negotiate for better positions for Bangladeshi workers in the country importing Bangladeshi workforce.
  • To establish Bangladeshi workers as the most competent and honest workforce.
  • Headhunting for professional manpower for outbound employment.
  • To reduce the country’s unemployment burden.

Our Abilities

  • We have our own recruiting agency, training & testing center
  • We have a sufficient number of expert and efficient staff for smooth & quick completion of recruitment work.
  • We can recruit and dispatch over 300(three hundred) workers per week.
  • We maintain a cordial relationship with the ministry of labor & manpower and Bureau of manpower employment & training which control and deal with the export of manpower from Bangladesh.
  • We ensure to recruit of the right man for the right job.
  • We will recruit manpower within 10 to 15 days after receiving all the documents from the employer.
  • We ensure speedy and merit-based manpower recruitment ever.