Why Bangladesh For Manpower?

We have been watching for the previous many years that there has been a spreading and increasing necessity of work force exclusively in the Middle Eastern Countries and East Asian Countries because of their rapid industrialization and national development activities.
In the light of above, the employer’s of these countries are now switching their focus to low cost, cheap and efficient work force countries which are now naturally available in vast quantities in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is extremely rich in human resources having vast stock of exportable surplus of professionals, technicians, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. Over the last decade Bangladesh exported a total of about 1.5 million different types of manpower to different countries around the world. The Middle East and Malaysia are the major manpower importing countries from Bangladesh. Professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Accountants, Researchers, IT professionals and Nurse are also recruited. Importing manpower from Bangladesh has many advantages such as:

  • Low wages
  • Cheaper transportation cost
  • Almost similar food habit
  • Similar cultural environment
  • High productivity
  • The discipline of the workers with obedience to their employers
  • Better training facilities.
  • Minimum flying time